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Brasserie La Coupole

The Brasserie of the Roaring Twenties

La Coupole, an iconic brasserie and a testament to Parisian life during the "roaring twenties," was established in 1927 by architects Barillet and Le Bouc, under the direction of restaurateurs Ernest Fraux and René Lafon. Its name, a nod to nearby famed establishments "Le Dôme" and "La Rotonde," is also a tribute to its own stunning architectural feature - a magnificent dome that crowns the venue.

At La Coupole, you can savor classic French cuisine with a modern twist, featuring seasonal ingredients and an exquisite array of seafood and fish. Signature dishes include a delicate aubergine mousse with piperade and cured ham, tender beef fillet pan-seared with pepper and flambéed in Armagnac, creamy gratin dauphinois, and a refreshing apricot gazpacho infused with rosemary, accompanied by almond milk ice cream.

Celebrating birthdays becomes a magical moment as the ambiance transforms with dimmed lights and a beautifully illuminated cake, all while "Ça c’est Paris!" plays in the background.

A complete meal ranges from 50 to 60 euros per person, with a special lunch menu on weekdays priced at 20 euros.

The History of La Coupole

La Coupole’s interior, adorned by thirty-two Montparnasse artists including the likes of Fernand Léger, is a testament to its Art Deco grandeur, though the exact origins of some paintings is unknown. The ground floor of this historical brasserie is officially recognized as a historical monument.

La Coupole has long been a Parisian cultural hub, attracting famous artists such as Derain, Léger, Soutine, and Picasso, as well as notable figures like Aragon, Simenon, Joséphine Baker, Breton, and Kessel.

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Article contributors: Adèle, Pauline

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102 boulevard du Montparnasse - 75014 Paris

Open 7 days a week, with continuous service from 8 AM to midnight.

+ 33 1 43 20 14 20
Monday 18 December 2023,    Christian Frank